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Who doesn't enjoy a cozy campfire on a clear summer's evening? Now your child can enjoy their own cozy campfire all year round- rain or shine!

This set includes:

3  Rough bark logs (They measure about 11" long and 2" in diameter.)
1 Fire (It measures about 9 1/2" high and 9" wide.)
2 Felt roasting sticks (They measure about 11" long.)
2 Lightly toasted marshmallows (They measure about 2" long and 1 1/2" in diameter.)
2 S'mores- graham crackers, chocolate, and melted marshmallow (They measure 3" across.)

Need extra accessories? I have a campfire accessories set: http://www.aheartforcrafts.com/item_25/Set-of-4-Felt-Campfire-Accessories.htm

I also have a smooth log variation: http://www.aheartforcrafts.com/item_6/Felt-Campfire-Play-Set-2.htm